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Difference dust filter and dust bag use

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Dust filter is gas, the device core element solid separation, is generally excluded for a variety of powder impurities inside the silo. Field of use is very extensive in the industry, including the production and purification of industrial dust and powder formulations variety of powder coating products.

       Different sizes according to the volume of the powder material, you need to choose a different dust filter, control the maximum diameter of the through to meet the requirements of different filter materials, and to ensure that no negative pressure within the compartment. Filter cover, protective net, supporting skeleton must be rust, installation more flexible, but pay attention to the filter should be perpendicular to the ground.

     In addition you can also use the bag dust, dust removal device which is a principle similar to the dust filter. In general, the larger the capacity of the filter bag, and does not affect the airflow, but also more durable; high filtration accuracy of the filter, and the effects of different filters are targeted, the use of a wider field. In the choice of the time, such as more dust bag is recommended, required accuracy than the standard on the use of the filter; if dusty also requires high precision can be used after the bag combined with a way to filter dust, using this complex filtering better.