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Chuck dust filter characteristics and installation

Source:Gu’an ShengJie Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Release time:2014-10-21  clicks:

Chuck dust filter, cartridge filter is used for a cylindrical element, cartridge filter cartridge filter cartridge is used generally divided into liquid medium and filter gaseous media, cartridge usually we mean most are used to filter the air, called air cartridge, dust filter. The filtered liquid is mainly used a variety of mesh metal screen to remove the impurities in the liquid.

Chuck dust filter, dust filter cartridge below the surface of the filter element, which is formed on the surface of the filter using a slight air permeability in the tissue barrier out of the granular substances.

The filter cartridge has produced pulp fiber filter paper, non-woven polyester spun bond method, a wire mesh, wherein the polyester non-woven fabric may be coated, oil and water repellent, anti-static treatment.

Dust filter installation is divided into vertical lifting, loading ramp by a specific angle, flange installation.

Dust filter cleaning methods are commonly used in automated high-pressure gas pulse cleaning, mechanical vibration. Pulse cleaning is the use of pre-set parameter controller a signal to the solenoid valve, an instant on-off solenoid valve diaphragm, high-pressure gas into the injection tube, the rapid expansion of the use of force to shake off dust gas cartridge surface, usually gas pressure we set about 6 kg force. Mechanical vibration cleaning commonly used in small single cartridge filter, it is the use of ESP board spent force generated jitter cleaning eccentric means, after this action needs to shut down operations.

Chuck dust cartridge, cartridge design wind speed is a more critical parameter, it is related to the effect of the entire filter run, under normal circumstances, we recommend a filter paper containing wood pulp fiber design wind speed should not be more than 0.6 m / min, polyester non-woven recommended design wind speed of 1 m / min, of course, we still have to consider the specific characteristics according to the dust filter.