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What need to pay attention to the use of dust filter cylinder?

Source:Gu’an ShengJie Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd.  Release time:2014-10-20  clicks:

Usually for dust filter after prolonged use, set within the dust cartridge will produce a lot of dust, and can cause blockage, so to some extent, affect its usage, and to some extent, can reduce dust filter cartridges time. Therefore, in everyday life, it can be when used daily care and maintenance.

     And generally for the dust filter after use, you need to be able to timely clean up after a certain period of time, clean up its checks. In the clean-up time, especially for the processing when the filter element, to be able to use a dedicated tool to be cleaned, this can to a certain extent to protect it from damage, or even cause damage to the filter element. If after damage, to be able to replace them in time to ensure the normal operation of dust cartridge can be used. Not only that, but also pay attention to is the ability to pay attention to the bottom of the fence, but also need to be updated in time and its maintenance, to ensure their use of time.