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PTFE coated dust cartridge

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Performance characteristics of PTFE coated dust filter: PTFE membrane filter is polyester laminating a high-tech product, its porous structure is under special conditions obtained by mechanical stretching, but did not change its original properties , microfiltration membrane pore size can be controlled in 0.2-0.3μm, filtration method belongs to the membrane surface filtration. Membrane surface smooth and have excellent chemical stability, resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. Aging, and water-repellent. When the filter membrane surface is easy to peel off the trapped dust, which can maintain long-term ventilation at the same level, since the filter is covered with a smooth non-stick surface which trapped dust, using this feature can not only save the cleaning system compressed air, dust, and avoid wear of the fabric of the film, extending the life of the cartridge, as well as the device to provide a minimum pressure drop difference smoothly. Therefore, efficient laminating polyester film cartridge is the best choice for dust collection system.

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