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Anti-static dust filter

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Dust filter cartridges each series has a different model specifications and filtering accuracy. Cartridge filter using advanced fiber filter method. Through this technology. Allow dust to dust off easily in the reservoir, and periodic cleaning cartridge can be peeled off sticking to the sticky particles remaining impurities. This material will not affect the collection efficiency of the filter cartridge, it does not pollute the environment. And greatly increases the life of the cartridge. I produced a dust filter is clogged there is a chance of a small advantage. For multiple cleaning, reached cartridge recycled many times. This saves the company's indirect expenses. Saving energy. I Hang Xin produced using the filter cartridge satin weave method. Filtration precision fine of 0.1um. Very easy to deal with tiny dust particles. Cartridge advantages: corrosion resistance, pressure dirt holding capacity, high filtration precision, strong absorption, blockage of small probability. Moisture resistance performance, can be repeatedly cleaned, good sealing effect, strong tear resistance.